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Education in Environmental Education (EE) and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is a central focus of the services provided by the Environmental Education Laboratory. The EEL designs and offers courses, integrated curricula, training workshops and seminars on the theory and practice of EE and ESD, for students (undergraduate and postgraduate), teachers and other groups of the general population. The objective is to properly train teachers, through initial training, retraining and continuing professional development, so that they take an active and multifaceted role in EE / ESD. Futhermore, the EEL aims at training other professionals and groups of the general population on EE / ESD issues.

In this effort, the EEL collaborates with a number of academic teachers and researchers from the EE / ESD field, as well as with executives and teachers from formal education, environmental NGOs and other educational institutions and organizations interested in promoting lifelong learning for environment and sustainability for the wider population.