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The development of scientific research in the fields of Environmental Education (EE) and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is a key dimension of the role and a central priority of the Environmental Education Laboratory. EEL is primarily a research unit of the University of Athens, the main objective of which is promoting educational research and producing new knowledge as a contribution to the theory and practice of EE and ESD in our country and internationally.

In addition to designing and implementing original research in a wide spectrum of research subjects in these fields and trying to disseminate and make practical utilization of their results, the EEL seeks to create a dynamic interdisciplinary community of young researchers in EE / ESD in our country. Education in educational research, with a focus on promoting new and appropriate methodological frameworks and techniques, which involve and empower young researchers to produce meaningful knowledge about themselves and their professional practices, is an important goal of the EEL. This objective is mainly achieved through the support of the Environmental Education for Sustainability Studies Specilization of the Postgraduate Program "Theory, Practice and Evaluation of Educational Work". Accordingly, we seek to create incentives and opportunities for young researchers to participate as widely as possible in research projects implemented by the EEL.

Finally, we welcome and support the participatory pursuit and formulation of research questions by executives and members of the educational community in our country, and we support in every way their efforts to design, implement and promote their own research in schools, as well as in other contexts providing opportunities for learning about the environment and sustainability.