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Postgraduate theses

The Environmental Education Laboratory supports and guides research postgraduate students of the Postgraduate Program "Theory, Praxis and Evaluation of Educational Work" and the Inter-Institutional Postgraduate Program "Digital Transformation and Educational Practice" in the preparation of their dissertation, pursuing as much as possible of their participation in their research work conducted by the EEL.

Namely, the following postgraduate students completed their research and dissertation by participating as undergraduate researchers in the following research projects:

  • Katerina Chouliara, Katerina Dai, Vasiliki Koukouzeli and Konstantina Papageorgiou: Self-funded research project “Narrative Inquiry of Experience in Environmental Education ” (in progress).
  • Maria Tzinieri, Maria Kyriakidou and Sotiria Vokou: Project “COS4CLOUD - Co-designed Citizen Observatories Services for the EOS-Cloud” (2019-2023). EU, Horizon 2020. Project No: 863463.
  • Katerina Vlachostergiou: Project “Mathematical Creativity Squared - A Computational Environment to Stimulate and Enhance Creative Designs for Mathematical Creativity” (2014-2016). European Union, P7-ICT-2013.8.1, Technological Development and Demonstration, Strategic Objective "Technologies and scientific findings in the field of creativity". Project No: 610467.
  • Evangelia Kekeri: Project "Students as researchers for a sustainable school" (2015-2016). NKUA - ELKE, Program: "Allocation of Funds to the Funds for Research Funding".
  • Rea Florou: Project "Pedagogical Exploitation of Digital Tools in Creativity Development Educational Activities" (2011 - 2012). NKUA - ELKE, Program: "Allocation of funds to Research Funding Departments".
  • Calliope Kontiza: Evaluation campaign of the WWF-Greece Communication Campaign (2012-2013) in the context of the cooperation between the NGO and the EEL.
  • Panagiota - Maria Grillia and Maria Pliota: Project "Sustainable Sailing Tour: Development of Sustainable Tourist and Educational Tourist Products Using Digital Technologies" (2011-2013). Project Code: 30SMEs2009.
  • Maria Deveraki: Project “Metafora - Learning to Learn Together: A Visual Language for Social Orchestration of Educational Activities” (2010 - 2013). European Union, P7-ICT-2009-5, Technology-enhanced Learning STREP. Project No.: 257872.
  • Thanasis Dimou: Project "Teachers’ training on the utilization of techniques of development of creative thinking in environmental education through online learning management systems" (2008 - 2011). NKUA - ELKE, "Kapodistrias" Program. Project Code: Κ.Α. 70/4/9855.