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Research subjects

The overarching research activity of the Environmental Education Laboratory focuses on the following subjects:

• The presence and role of the teacher in Environmental Education (EE) and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD): dimensions and challenges, personal theories and teaching choices, teachers as “designers” of learning experiences, emancipation and empowerment of teacherς through innovative professional development programs.

• The utilization of digital technologies in teaching and learning in EE and ESD as supportive tools for personal and collective expression, representation and reflection about "tricky" concepts and issues of environment and sustainability.

• The challenge of interdisciplinarity in EE / ESD: "crossing borders" and pursuit of common ground at the level of educational research and practice between the EE / ESD and other scientific or educational fields.

• Developing collective creative thinking of students and teachers through EE / ESD and for EE / ESD.

• Representing and supporting "sustainability in the city" through innovative teaching and learning programs.

Teachers and students as "researchers" for a sustainable school.

• From EE to lifelong environmental sustainability learning: seeking, designing and supporting learning opportunities in new areas of EE and ESD beyond formal school education.