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Digital books

In the framework of the European project "Mathematical Creativity Squared" (http://mc2-project.eu) (2013 - 2016) and in collaboration with the Educational Technology Lab and an interdisciplinary team of educational designers, a number of digital books were designed using the original "C-Book technology". This digital learning material seeks to creatively approach Environmental Education and Sustainable Development (EE / ESD) issues, with the aim of developing students' creative engagement and understanding of difficult EE / ESD concepts combined with mathematical concepts. These "books" are also designed for use in the context of training programs and professional development courses in the EE / ESD, involving interdisciplinary teacher training groups. They are the following:

  • Bike in the city
  • On bicycles in the park
  • Sustainable city
  • The Bioclimatic Amusement Park (English version)
  • The Bioclimatic Amusement Park (Greek version)
  • Climate change
  • A fire that must be put out
  • The Earth is raising a fever