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Fields of activity

The Environmental Education Laboratory offers services and produces work in the following fields:

  • Research

Designing and conducting research and surveys in the fields of Environmental Education (EE) and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). Undertaking, coordinating and / or participating in the implementation of funded research projects (European and national). Scientific supervision of doctoral  and postgraduate theses.

  • Education

Designing and teaching of courses, integrated curricula, training workshops, seminars and other learning frameworks in EE and ESD: for undergraduate and postgraduate students, teachers in continuing vocational training, different groups of general population, in the context of lifelong learning and education.

  • Development of educational material and digital tools

Designing, development and evaluation of educational material (printed and digital), as well as tools utilizing modern digital technologies in teaching, learning and professional development of different population groups within the formal and lifelong EE and ESD.

  • Consulting services

Providing advisory services on educational research, policy and development of EE and ESD, in the framework of formal (school) education and lifelong learning.